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Sometimes I worry about how much I get into fandom.

I mean, it's not like I can't talk about other stuff! I just like a lot of things really passionately.

And, well, the stuff that happens to me in my daily life isn't particularly interesting enough to talk about. None of you guys want to hear me talk for ages about school and whatnot. I also don't really hang out with people very often, or go out... I do have friends, and I do go out, but here at college I'm far away from a lot of them. Also when you go out, things cost money, which I am consistently really short on. It's easier on my wallet, then, to talk to my friends online and spend all my time RPing (because i can't scrape out anything to write otherwise, thanks creative slump) and reading and writing.

I just don't want to be the kind of person who uses fandom as escapism. I have a good life. I don't want to run away from something that's good.
...I'm really worried that I've already started doing this. help.

(On a separate and unrelated note, I saw Chronicle with my roommate tonight. If the internet is anything like it was 2 yeas ago, I am 90% sure there is already a /coq/ thread filled with gay because wow that film had an inordinate amount of bromance. not that i'm complaining, but i can predict these things.)


Feb. 10th, 2012 02:34 am
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I've been sick.

I've only been to the gym... once or twice since I said I'd start going? But I didn't want to exacerbate whatever annoying cold/sickness I've got. It's so irritating--I've been sleeping WAY more than 8 hours a night, sitting at home and resting most of the week, taking Dayquil and Nyquil pretty faithfully (as everybody on Plurk can attest to, oh my GOD my Nyquil-induced typos are pretty much golden), but I'm not getting any better and I absolutely hate it.

Mom says I need antibiotics. I am cool with that so long as they get me better.

On a still grumpier note... Iiiii have inevitably fallen behind in my readings for class. Gj, self. I'm not too behind, but I'm still behind--and with a first essay on the horizon (due Monday already?) I'm getting antsy. I need to keep stepping it up. I can't back down now.


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Post a list of 15 of your favorite series/fandoms, and have your friends guess who your favorite character is from each. When someone guesses correctly, cross out the canon and add the name of the character and who guessed it.

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I'm falling into my new schedule rather neatly. It's great; light Mondays and Fridays, no school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a very tiring but very fun block that lasts, like, ALL DAY Wednesday. I love it--all my classes are super interesting, and I'm enjoying all the books I'm reading. (And in the case of Film Noir, all the movies I'm watching. Omg, everyone go watch Double Indemnity, it's fantastic.) 

Also, I've been sucked into God Hand! It's a hilarious game, and I want to play it in the company of other geeks one day, because.... my roommates will probably think I'm crazy if I play it around them. (Seriously, I scream and yell at my TV. It's scary.) I am really bad at it, as I am at all games, though. 

Uhm. As for other things........ I'm going to start going to the gym again starting tomorrow morning! If I don't, yell at me, guys. Or something. Seriously, it's not even a matter of looking good. Sure, that's a bonus, but I really need to get healthy. My family's health history is this horrible ticking timebomb--high blood pressure on Mom's side, heart problems on Dad's--and if I don't start fixing my habits up now, I'm kind of scared that I'll get sick later on when it could've been prevented now. 

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Send me a character (or a pairing!) and a word or a prompt, and I'll write you a 3-sentence fanfic! I reserve the right to sneak a fourth sentence in sometimes.

Examples here on my writing blagh on the tumblrs! Rampant RP fueled crossovers are there and I am not sorry.

...also my favorite of the old ones is probably the Travis and Lightning one. I mean, the 4x Monkey and Regina combo is great, and Jaime romancefailing is adorable, but there is nothing like Travis Touchdown getting his ass kicked by a Squeenix protagonist. Well, crotch knee'd. Whatever.
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I feel like it's a huge, HUGE cop-out to write a character that's just an expy of oneself.

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On a less abrasive note, I would like to become an ESL teacher when I graduate, at least for a time! Maybe to save up money for graduate school, maybe just to see what life's like in another country...!

The best countries to go are in Asia, apparently--Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. I was thinking about France, but maybe I'll just visit; I've read that in Europe, ESL classes prefer British English over American English and hahahahaaaa i might get laughed at for my American accent...


Jan. 14th, 2012 01:59 am
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I'm very loyal to Elibe. I love the characters, I love the stories, I love the countries, I love everything. And I know I'm not alone here in my crazy Elibe loyalty! I'm super fond of all these characters and, again, playing the games again is just like coming home. (And I am already having feels about all these characters because half of them are the kids of my previous precious babies ahhhhhhhh let me hold you all.)

So... please understand the following emotional outburst.

early fe6 spoilers )

i don't want to play this game anymore i'm already sad and i already played through this part on my old computer but aksdfhsgdkfjdskj ahhhhh sobbing. ;A;

here we go

Jan. 11th, 2012 04:46 pm
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(do you like my desktop? because i like my desktop)

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tonight i went through the dirty ff confessions blog on tumblr.

it was very silly and I blingee'd Xemnas

I don't even play Kingdom Hearts and I barely know a thing about Final Fantasy 

(it says "all I want for christmas is xemnas" btw)



Jan. 9th, 2012 04:57 am
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IN CASE YOU THINK I AM A BIG OL' INTROSPECTIONFEST ALL DAY ERRDAY NO I AM NOT. I have people here who don't have my plurk or my tumblr or both so I figure I'll share my fandom component as well!!
  • I do a good deal of roleplaying--and since the Livejournal communities have largely shifted over to Dreamwidth, I'm hanging out here now! A list of my accounts is here. I'm helping mod a new game called Some More Heroes which will be a panfandom action-based game based off the No More Heroes universe. [personal profile] uaa_agents is the mod comm and has all the info you need! I also have a musebox for on-the-fly RPing outside of official games: [community profile] busemox. I am also totes up for RPing over AIM, or even Tumblr if none of these things work for you--hit me up if you want my username or RP blog names.
  • My Tumblr is beamkatanachronicles. It is filled with fandom reblogs, me and my friend Jade screeching at each other about dumb things, and occasional Teenage Girl Problems. My writing blog is drivingblind, and it has, um... a lot of gay. a lot of it. It's mostly me overthinking Travis Touchdown and my OCs being silly??? 
  • I also made and co-mod Fuck Yeah Grasshopper on Tumblr because I am The Big Suda51 Fan. Yeah.
  • Speaking of being The Big Suda51 fan, some of my least embarrassingly biased toward crossovers Suda51 fanfics are compiled on [community profile] santadestroy. It's largely No More Heroes and Killer7, but Garcia Hotspur shows up in a terrible crossover smutfic because I am awful ha ha. I also have a couple FSTs there! :D
  • Annnnnnd lastly, some links out! I'm kidcomrade on Steam, Plurk, and DeviantART though I mostly lurk the latter. IF YOU'RE REALLY INTERESTED IN MY BAD OLD WRITING/FANART YOU CAN LOOK THOUGH..........
I think that's it! * 3* Er, I do have other accounts on other places, but they're inactive and such or only used for lurking. Buuuut hey. There you go! <3

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