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This is the first A I have ever gotten as a final grade at Berkeley, ever. 

This is also my first semester as a declared English major, and to have this A happen now... well, it means a lot to me.  I could cry.

A lot of venting and words behind the cut. )
kidcomrade: travis touchdown, no more heroes (¶ seek the real enemies.)
I never really know what to say because my life is kind of boring and there's no real life-changing event that's caused me to make a Dreamwidth account. I'm also very used to, y'know... Microblogging on Tumblr and posting occasional dumb things, like "omg look at this" or "omg i'm so hungry" and whatnot.

So, uh....

Hello, everyone! How're the holidays going for you all? I'm taking this time to relax and mull over what has been a very long year. (And by mull I mean sit on Tumblr all day and chuckle to myself and not do anything productive.) I feel kind of guilty being this lazy, but hey--it's nearly Christmas, I deserve a break.

It's odd, though, it doesn't seem very Christmas-y yet. Even though it's in like, 3 days. Maybe it's just how tough this year has been for, um, everyone, but there's just been more things to worry about than Christmas and it's been sitting in the back of my mind and oh look it's the end of December how did that happen. 

Maybe I'm just getting older and the magic of Christmas is being lost a bit? Ehhhh... I dunno. I'm still too braindead a week post-final exams to think so deeply on these things.

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