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Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-03-07 11:06 pm
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Whoa. Okay. Good day today, so I'm gonna write about it. :D

So... This morning started off kind of... off. I stayed up until like 3 AM because I was talking to Jade god bless you dearest waifu and, as predicted, I knocked out with my laptop in front of my face. Then woke up 3 hours later. And again at 9. ...And then at 11, which is when I needed to be in class. Fortunately I caught a bus! But this also meant that a) I didn't have time to pack my laptop and b) I didn't have time to go charge my phone.

Which meant that, today, I was completely unplugged from everything.

...It was actually really refreshing.

Not constantly refreshing Plurk and Tumblr, not having to talk to people about every last thing? I focused in class and I got a lot of stuff done. Took plenty of good notes. We printed the first page of our book (I'm taking a class where we print a small book on a genuine printing press from the 1800s!) and I got to work the press for a long while! Also, I half dominated the discussion in my Film Noir seminar tonight! Which was awesome. We watched The Conversation, btw, which is fantastic. Go watch it.

But yes... it really is refreshing to get away from the virtual world for a while. I love my internet friends, but it gets to be tiring sometimes, I guess. If I have more than 3 people IMing me at any time, I get anxious--it feels like people are shouting in my ears on all sides and the flashing orange new IM tab gets oppressive.

I also think that being constantly plugged in is bad. Being able to use the internet as an outlet is great, but personally, I think that it's also important to keep some thoughts and problems private, you know? It's important to be able to sometimes think about things for yourself, without always needing someone's input or approval. Buuuuut that's just me.

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