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Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-02-10 02:34 am
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I've been sick.

I've only been to the gym... once or twice since I said I'd start going? But I didn't want to exacerbate whatever annoying cold/sickness I've got. It's so irritating--I've been sleeping WAY more than 8 hours a night, sitting at home and resting most of the week, taking Dayquil and Nyquil pretty faithfully (as everybody on Plurk can attest to, oh my GOD my Nyquil-induced typos are pretty much golden), but I'm not getting any better and I absolutely hate it.

Mom says I need antibiotics. I am cool with that so long as they get me better.

On a still grumpier note... Iiiii have inevitably fallen behind in my readings for class. Gj, self. I'm not too behind, but I'm still behind--and with a first essay on the horizon (due Monday already?) I'm getting antsy. I need to keep stepping it up. I can't back down now.


For some reason there are like no good MadWorld/No More Heroes crossover fanarts--in one I couldn't even recognize Jack because he was not muscular at all you are not Jack Cayman if you are not ripped, another was a 3-way crossover with My Little Pony?????, and the last was beautifully drawn except it was porn oh my God Jack what are you doing to Shinobu.

This is really cute and I want a print of it. ;_; I'm gonna buy it, guys, the artist's trying to figure out sizes and pricing.

BACK TO MADWORLD AND NMH THOUGH--I actually have a long-winded overarching theory that connects DeathWatch in MadWorld to the UAA tournaments in NMH, because DeathWatch is just a streamlined, televised UAA tourney, for real. It's like 3 in the morning so I'll talk about that later fdskjdsfsdfs.

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