kidcomrade: travis touchdown, no more heroes (ooh mr touchdown ooh)
Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-01-18 11:59 pm
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Did this on Plurk and Tumblr SO WHY NOT HERE.

Send me a character (or a pairing!) and a word or a prompt, and I'll write you a 3-sentence fanfic! I reserve the right to sneak a fourth sentence in sometimes.

Examples here on my writing blagh on the tumblrs! Rampant RP fueled crossovers are there and I am not sorry.

...also my favorite of the old ones is probably the Travis and Lightning one. I mean, the 4x Monkey and Regina combo is great, and Jaime romancefailing is adorable, but there is nothing like Travis Touchdown getting his ass kicked by a Squeenix protagonist. Well, crotch knee'd. Whatever.

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