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Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-01-17 10:54 pm
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Introspectfest 2: Introspect Harder

I've been diligently keeping track of my classes (read: i stared at my transcript and the requirements website for a really long time just now) and... it looks like I'm on track to graduate next spring. The only breadth requirement (Berkeley requires you to take 7 courses across different academic disciplines, along with your major requirements) that I'm missing is, in a beautiful little coincidence, Arts and Literature, which I'm looking forward to filling in with a nice easy-going drawing class or something like that.

Man. Where'd those two years go?

I can't actually articulate how much I've grown since I started college, it's...really a wonderful thing. This place is such a wonderful learning environment and I've run into so many great people and had so many great professors and I just fgskjdfhngsdkjfsjf.....  ; A ;

Also, I think my personality has grown quite a lot too. I... uh, I used to be very nervous and quiet, but I'm a lot more outspoken now, and I'm actually planning and teaching a class right now which I find amazing. I still can't believe I'm doing this, but I am! And it's great! I also think that, while I'm more selective with close friends than I was before (please see that earlier entry about my Scary Not!Girlfriend), I'm able to talk more freely with strangers/acquaintances which is great.

I want to make more FRIEND-friends though. /clings to new friends....

Anyways, this was going to go somewhere really deep and personal but I'm too happy that I've got my stuff in order to have...done any of that.

Hi Dreamwidth I only have 3 semesters of college left :D

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