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Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-01-14 11:05 pm

opinions about writing

I feel like it's a huge, HUGE cop-out to write a character that's just an expy of oneself.

Before you tell me that good authors have done it and succeeded--even authors that I particularly enjoy--yeah, I know. But the difference between them and people who make, say, trollsonas for Homestuck, or something, is that they're doing it to tell a memoir or a story of their lives (i.e. Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine) instead of just...being self-indulgent. It's got a point to it. And they manage to make it work.

Not a lot of people can make it work.

I'm probably just being a snob, but while I do write to make myself and other people happy, part of what makes me personally happy with the things that I write is by building an imaginary person with their own imaginary world that is not my own. (When it's fanfiction, it's me trying to get into and understand the mind and world of an already existing imaginary person, which can be either easier or more difficult. depending on the character.) I enjoy challenging myself; the best part of writing a character, for me, is finally being able to feel like they've taken the reins and started writing themselves, in a way. If I can believe they'd be a real person, that is, to me, when I know what I've made is a good character.

Certainly there's going to be similarities, and I'm going to share struggles with pretty much any character--that's a part of being human, I think. And to me, being able to at least partially relate to a character in some way is a very big part of good writing. But going overboard and just projecting yourself onto a fictional medium with a self-insert is...imo, kind of juvenile, if you're trying to write an actual story or an actual character.

I'm not going to stand on a box and shout "HEY STOP HAVING FUN YOU GUYS" or anything, since I know there are people who write for different reasons than I do. Which is why I keep my opinions to myself here unless specifically asked (and unless I want to rant like this). So...yeaaaah. I'm just going to shut up and not say anything more about this, ok? ok.

On a less abrasive note, I would like to become an ESL teacher when I graduate, at least for a time! Maybe to save up money for graduate school, maybe just to see what life's like in another country...!

The best countries to go are in Asia, apparently--Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. I was thinking about France, but maybe I'll just visit; I've read that in Europe, ESL classes prefer British English over American English and hahahahaaaa i might get laughed at for my American accent...

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