Jan. 9th, 2012


Jan. 9th, 2012 04:57 am
kidcomrade: travis touchdown, no more heroes (☼ ZOOM.)
IN CASE YOU THINK I AM A BIG OL' INTROSPECTIONFEST ALL DAY ERRDAY NO I AM NOT. I have people here who don't have my plurk or my tumblr or both so I figure I'll share my fandom component as well!!
  • I do a good deal of roleplaying--and since the Livejournal communities have largely shifted over to Dreamwidth, I'm hanging out here now! A list of my accounts is here. I'm helping mod a new game called Some More Heroes which will be a panfandom action-based game based off the No More Heroes universe. [personal profile] uaa_agents is the mod comm and has all the info you need! I also have a musebox for on-the-fly RPing outside of official games: [community profile] busemox. I am also totes up for RPing over AIM, or even Tumblr if none of these things work for you--hit me up if you want my username or RP blog names.
  • My Tumblr is beamkatanachronicles. It is filled with fandom reblogs, me and my friend Jade screeching at each other about dumb things, and occasional Teenage Girl Problems. My writing blog is drivingblind, and it has, um... a lot of gay. a lot of it. It's mostly me overthinking Travis Touchdown and my OCs being silly??? 
  • I also made and co-mod Fuck Yeah Grasshopper on Tumblr because I am The Big Suda51 Fan. Yeah.
  • Speaking of being The Big Suda51 fan, some of my least embarrassingly biased toward crossovers Suda51 fanfics are compiled on [community profile] santadestroy. It's largely No More Heroes and Killer7, but Garcia Hotspur shows up in a terrible crossover smutfic because I am awful ha ha. I also have a couple FSTs there! :D
  • Annnnnnd lastly, some links out! I'm kidcomrade on Steam, Plurk, and DeviantART though I mostly lurk the latter. IF YOU'RE REALLY INTERESTED IN MY BAD OLD WRITING/FANART YOU CAN LOOK THOUGH..........
I think that's it! * 3* Er, I do have other accounts on other places, but they're inactive and such or only used for lurking. Buuuut hey. There you go! <3

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