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Danni ([personal profile] kidcomrade) wrote2012-01-06 12:26 am
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oh wow

I haven't written since Christmas! ;;

Happy new year, everybody! I ended up having a lot of lovely holiday parties with friends and family, with only minimal rockiness. Whiiich I will go on about under the cut.

Basically, it turns out that my friend Nicole is very, very open about her sexuality. Which would normally be fine with me, if she wasn't so, um, obnoxious about it. During the Christmas party with my friends she was very loudly talking about that sort of thing in a restaurant with people around--and did I mention she was also getting drunk at the time? She has a problem with that too--my friend Diana was really uncomfortable and it was kind of awkward because she also brought vodka and our friend/host Leanna didn't want us all getting wasted in her house... You can probably imagine how New Year's went. It was. er. pretty bad.

I just think she was being really annoying and inconsiderate, and I love her, but... yeah getting drunk and making people uncomfortable ain't cool.

The Christmas party with my family was wonderful, though--my oldest cousin announced that she was getting engaged, which was wonderful! I also was also consistently in really cute outfits at every party yessss 8)

This is looking like it's going to be a good year though. I've got a lot upcoming: [community profile] heroesparadise opening, planning Batman class with my cofacilitators, actually trying to read all the things I need to for class, going to the gym more (god this holiday made me gain SO MUCH WEIGHT SOBSOBSOB).... I also have a big wad of New Year's Resolutions which I am expecting to get to. eventually. 

I can't believe school starts on the 17th already, too. I'm nervous, but here's hoping for a good semester and an even better 2012!! ; u ;